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When you’re searching for a dependable Louisville plumber or a Louisville plumbing company “near me” which offers licensed and trained plumbers for any plumbing service, repair or plumbing installation like water heaters, tankless water heaters, garbage disposals, drain or sewer lines, water filtration, water softening or other plumbing needs, call (502) 717-1119.

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Commercial Plumbing
Commercial plumbing services for any size project from small to large. Our commercial plumbing clients include business centers, churches, apartment buildings, schools, medical clinics, car washes, bars/restaurants, office buildings and hotels, just to name a few!
Heating & Cooling
We are available day or night, weekday or weekend to answer your call and put your mind at ease. Yes, it’s true, air conditioning emergencies can be stressful. Our experienced team will show you just how hassle-free getting an installation or repair can be.
Water Treatment
Standard tap water contains chemicals used to remove parasites and other harmful matter from water. Because a filter removes the chlorine, it provides you with water that tastes better than standard tap water.
Gas Line Services
Homeowners with gas appliances or major systems need to ensure those gas lines are protected and in good working order. A gas leak, often hard to detect, can lead to serious risk of injury or death, especially if an explosion occurs.
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General Questions

Do you have a clogged toilet? Clogged toilets are a common household problem. Louisville Plumbers can unclog your toilet and determine if there is an underlying problem causing persistent clogs.

  • First you need turn off the water to stop the toilet bowl from filling up and spilling onto the floor.

  • You can do this by taking the lid off of the tank and closing the flapper valve to ensure no water can enter the tank.

  • Try lifting up the float to stop water from flowing in then reach down and turn off the water supply valve.

If you see water backing up in the sinks or showers when you flush, that’s a sure sign you know to call an expert. When this occurs you could have a clogged branch line or even a clogged main sewer line. This type of issue cannot be solved with a plunger; Louisville Plumbers are available 24 hours a day and will be there to get the job done. Just call us at 1-502-717-1119 for immediate assistance with your plumbing problem.

Dishwashers are supposed to leave some water in the unit at the end of each cycle. This is to keep the element type heater, used for drying the dishes, from burning up. It’s a lot like a water heater element. If a lot of water stays in the sump – the drain could be clogged. A partially clogged air gap will do the same thing. The air gap is that little chrome dome on the kitchen counter.

A common cause of drain clogs is something going down the kitchen sink that shouldn’t have. A good example of this is grease or melted fat. When you pour liquid grease and fat down your drains it will cool once it hits the water. It then turns into a gooey glob that will stick to everything else down there.

Yes, you should test the pressure relief valve regularly. This is very dangerous work, so we recommend hiring Louisville Plumbers to conduct this testing. 

Louisville plumber offers a complete range of plumbing services.

Water Heater Repair, Tankless Water Heater Install, Clear Sewer Main, Clear Drain Clog or Blockage, Clear Sewer Main, Tankless Water Heater Repair, Sump Pump Repair, Drain Line Breakage Camera Locate, Water Heater Install, Faucets, Residential Plumbing Fixtures, Pipe Repair. Gas Line Piping, Sewer Main Install or Replace, Clear Drain Clog or Blockage, Water Main Install or Repair, Tankless Water Heater Install, Sump Pump or Foundation Drain Install, Residential Plumbing fixtures, Water Main Install or Repair, Tankless Water Heater Repair, Drain Line Breakage Camera Location Services, Gas Piping, Sewer Main Install or Replace, Water Heaters, Water Heater Repair, Water Heater Installs, Faucets, Plumber Services, Fixtures and Pipe Repair. Low water pressure, bathroom remodeling, Residential Louisville Ky plumbers services.

Toilet Problems

Of all the plumbing problems at your home or place of business, most people would rank a clogged toilet as their number one problem that needs to be fixed. It’s also one of the most common plumbing problems and one that is normally easy for an experienced plumber to diagnose and repair.

  • You may have a clog as a result of facial tissue or another product that wasn’t designed to disintegrate like toilet paper.​
  • If you have young children, the clog could be a bath toy, flushable wipes, diapers, socks, or a cell phone.
  • If using a plunger unclogs the toilet, great. Aggressive plunging can compromise the wax seal and create a leak at the base of the toilet. However, if the clog is recurring, you will need to call a plumber.
  • If your bathroom sink, tub, or shower drains well, the trouble is probably a clog in the bathroom group.
  • If your sink or other fixtures drains slowly but is not visibly clogged, you may have a blocked sewer line. You will need a plumber to diagnose and repair this problem.

New Toilets

If it is time for a new toilet (such as with new construction or a major renovation), you will need to select and install new commodes. Low-flow toilets, which are required by state laws, use less water per flush, thus helping to conserve water. 

You may also wish to consider installing a new toilet with all of the latest “bells and whistles”, including automatic flushing, heated seats, mechanically controlled seats, and lids, and bidet-like features.

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Louisville Plumbers offers professional plumbing services in Louisville, Jefferson County, Bullitt County, Oldham County, Shelby County, Spencer County, Hardin County, Clark County, Indiana, Harrison County, Indiana, and Floyd County, Indiana. Call (502) 717-1119 now and we’ll get a plumber out to you within 1 hour! 

Louisville Plumbers offers professional water heater repair, drain cleaning and plumbing repair in Louisville, KY. Call (502) 717-1119 now and we’ll get a plumber out to you within 1 hour!


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